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Betatrophin (mouse):Fc (human) (rec.)
Betatrophin (mouse) (rec.)
Betatrophin (human):Fc (human) (rec.)

Hormone shown to control β cell replication. A new door to a potential future diabetes therapy.

NEW - Zinc-α-2-glycoprotein (human) (rec.)

Adipokine involved in maintenance of body weight in mice and human.

NEW - Cochlin (mouse) (LCCL domain) (rec.)
NEW - Cochlin (human) (LCCL domain) (rec.)

Secreted cochlin (LCCL domain) is involved in local cytokine production, recruitment of immune effector cells and bacterial clearance.

BULK - Beclin-1 (human) (rec.) (His)

Key regulator of autophagy and required for the initiation step in autophagosome formation.

NEW - Vitexin

Anti-metastatic α-Glucosidase inhibitor.

NEW - Wedelolactone

Cell permeable, selective and irreversible IKKα and β kinase activity inhibitor.

UNIQUE - Leucettine L41

anti-Alzheimer's Disease (AD) agent. Potent DYRKs, CLKs and GSK-3α/β inhibitor.

UNIQUE - Aftins

New Alzheimer's Disease (AD) accelerators.

UNIQUE - Perharidine-1

Potent CDKs, Dyrk1A and CK1s inhibitors.

EXCLUSIVE - Ageladine A

Novel cell permeable, non-toxic, pH-dependent fluorescent dye for live imaging, with antiangiogenic activity.

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AdipoGen's famous anti-NLRP3/NALP3, mAb (Cryo-2) was published to work in ICC (Komune et al. 2011), IHC (Heneka et al. 2012) and IP (Py et al. 2012).


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