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Events / Congresses

Adipogen International will attend several scientific international congresses and exhibitions.  

 2017: Jan-June

 Date  Country  Place Congress/Exhibition
 Austria  Obergurgl EMBO: Cell death, Inflammation and Cancer
 US  Keystone Obesity and Adipose Tissue Biology (J4)
 Germany  Heidelberg EMBL: Cancer Immunotherapy
 US  Keystone Inflammation-Driven Cancer: Mechanisms to Therapy (J7)
 US  Copper
Autophagy Network Integration in Health and Disease (B2)
 France  Lyon 1st International Symposium on Immune Responses in Cancer and Infection
 US  Beckenridge Kinases: Next-Generation Insights and Approaches (C4)
 Germany  Ettal 13th Spring School
 Mexico  Cancun Cell Death, Cell Stress and Metabolism Conference
 Switzerland  Davos WIRM XI
 Canada  Whistler Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy: Taking a Place in Mainstream Oncology (C7)
 Canada  Banff Pattern Recognition Signaling: From Innate Immunity to Inflammatory Disease (X5)
 Canada  Whistler Immune Regulation in Autoimmunity and Cancer (D1)
 Germany  Tübingen Novel Concepts of Innate Immunity NCII 2017
 France  Saint-Malo DYRK1A, related kinases & human disease
 US  Washington, DC AACR Annual Meeting 2017
 Switzerland  Lausanne 13th ADAS DDAY2017
 US  Chicago Experimental Biology 2017
 US  Santa Fee Angiogenesis and Vascular Disease (Z3)
 Ireland  Dublin Integrating Metabolism and Immunity (E4) joint meeting with Cell Death and Inflammation (K2)
 Switzerland  Lausanne LIMNA2017
 USA  San Diego Cancer, Inflammation and Immunity
 Italy  Florence EACR-AACR-SIC Special Conference 2017: The Challenges of Optimizing Immuno- and Targeted Therapies: From Cancer Biology to the Clinic
 Switzerland  Ascona 7th international conference on Tumor-Host Interaction and Angiogenesis
 Germany  Schleswig
2nd International Conference of Marine Fungal Natural Products (MaFNaP)