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Product Flyers & Technical Notes

MultimericLigands™ - Manufactured by AdipoGen Life Sciences

AdipoGen offers the broadest selection of TNF Ligands Multimeric Proteins, with higher or equal activity and lower endotoxin levels compared to the competition. AdipoGen® TNF Ligands Multimeric Proteins are high activity constructs in which two trimeric TNFSF ligands are linked via the oligomeric collagen domain of ACRP30 [ACRP30headless] and therefore mimic the membrane-bound forms of the proteins.
See for an overview on all MultimericLigands. 

Released - April 2016
   AdipoGen TNF Superfamily Multimeric Proteins

CD1d Ligands - Potent iNKT Stimulators 

• α-Galactosylceramide and Derivatives
• Mannosylceramides
• Gangliosides and Derivatives

For an overview on AdipoGen Life Sciences entire panel of "CD1d Ligands" please search this website.

Released - February 2016
  CD1d Ligands Products Flyer 2016

Unique Natural Products & Rare Antibiotics 

• Compounds from Plant Sources
• Compounds from Marine Sources
• Compounds from Bacterial Sources
• Compounds from Fungal Sources

For an overview on AdipoGen Life Sciences entire panel of "Natural Products & Rare Antibiotics" please search this website.

Released - September 2015
  Natural Products Flyer 2015

Netrin-1 for Generation of iPS Cells - The 5th Key Reprogramming Factor

Adipogen Life Sciences offers unique, stable & biological active recombinant human Netrin-1 proteins, that can be used for generation of iPS cells and pluripotency maintenance of embryonic stem cells, as described in D. Ozmadenci, et al. (2015).  

For more information on AdipoGen Life Sciences Netrin-1 Products please search this website.

Released - August 2015
  Netrin1- Product Flyer 2015

Key Inflammasome Research Tools

• Unique Antibodies: NLRP3 mAb; Asc pAb; Caspase-1 (p10) mAb; Caspase-1 (p20) mAb 
• Potent Activators: Monosodium urate (MSU), Nigericin
• Potent Inhibitors: MCC-950; Isoliquiritigenin; 3-Hydroxybutyric acid; Arglabin and much more

For an overview on AdipoGen Life Sciences entire panel Inflammasome Research Products please search this website.

Released - July 2015

   Key Inflammasome Research Tool Flyer 2015

Angiogenesis Research Tools

Potent Human & Mouse Ang-2 Blocking Antibodies
Potent functionally Active Ang-1 & Ang-2 Proteins
Human Tie-2 Specific Antibodies
Biologically Active Notch Ligands and Specific Notch Receptor Antibodies
VEGF: Proteins, Antibodies and Potent Small Molecule Inhibitor
SAG − Shh Agonist & Potent Activator of VEGF
Biologically Active Human Netrin-1Periostin [OSF2] − Tumor Angiogenesis Marker

For an overview AdipoGen Life Sciences entire panel of Angiogenesis Research Products please search this website.

Released - May 2015
  Angiogenesis Research Flyer 2015


Cancer Research

AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a comprehensive panel of new and innovative products for the advancement of Cancer Research. This flyer gives an overview on unqiue antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits and small molecules.  

For an overview on AdipoGen Life Sciences entire panel of Cancer Research Products please search this website.

Released - March 2015
  Cancer Research Flyer 2015

The Ubiquitin-Proteasome System (UPS)

The ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) and the autophagic-lysosomal pathway are the two major degradation systems for both native and misfolded proteins in eukaryotic cells. Proteasome inhibition has therefore implications in a number of human diseases such as cancer, inflammation and ischemic stroke and is an important therapeutic target. Adipogen Life Sciences offers a broad panel of proteasome inhibitors, modulators and fluorogenic substrates, and a panel of proteasome complex proteins and kits.

For an overview on AdipoGen Life Sciences entire panel of  "Proteasome-related Products" please search this website.

Released - February 2015
  Proteasome Flyer

Innaxon® & AdipoGen® - Bringing Innate Immunity to Life!

Innaxon® and AdipoGen® are offering newly developed TLR4 Agonist Arrays:

• Facilitate the determination of the optimal cell density, time point of analysis and multiplexing of readouts(e.g. cytokine(s) ELISA) of TLR4 specific cellular activation in a highly reproducible and safe procedure.
• Useful for establishing a dose response curve specific for the chosen cell type and serum concentrationand for testing of TLR4 inhibitors or sensitizers.
• Homogenous assay platform for high through-put for immunotoxicity in drug safety testing, usingco-cultures of hepatocytes and kupffer cells (macrophages).
• Tool to identify the optimal dendritic cell maturation cocktail.
• Convenient and time saving format. Helps to avoid dilution errors, partial solubilisation orcontamination with TLR4 agonists.

Released - November 2014
  TLR4 Agonist - LPS Plates Product Flyer 2014

Chemodex - Chemistry is our Passion - 2nd Edition

Chemodex is a Swiss manufacturer of:

• Common and New Fluorescent Probes
• Stains/Labels/Dyes
• Markers & Probes
• Metabolites
• Building Blocks & Small Molecules

Released - November 2014

  Chemodex 2014 2nd Edition Product Flyer

Myokines - Muscle, Exercise & Obesity

Skeletal muscles secrete cytokines and growth factors, called myokines that can potentially act in an autocrine, a paracrine and/or an endocrine manner to modulate metabolic, inflammatory and other processes. AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a broad range of proteins and small molecules to study the interactions of muscles, exercise and obesity.
Released - October 2014
  Myokines Product Flyer 2014

Modulators of Autophagy Signaling

AdipoGen offers a broad range of small molecules that can be used to modulate the autophagy process. This includes mTOR complex inhibitors and activators, preautophagosome (PAS) / initiation & nucleation modulators, autophagosome-lysosome fusion & degradation modulators and proteasome inhibitors.
For an overview on AdipoGen Life Sciences entire panel of Autophagy-related Products please search this website.

Released - May 2014
  Autophagy Modulators Product Flyer 2014

Chemodex - Chemistry is our Passion - 1st Edition

Chemodex is a Swiss manufacturer of:

• Common and New Fluorescent Probes
• Stains/Labels/Dyes
• Markers & Probes
• Metabolites
• Building Blocks & Small Molecules

Released - February 2014
  Chemodex Product Flyer 2014

Ageladine A - Cell permeable, Non-toxic, pH-dependent Fluorescent Dye for Live Imaging

Ageladine A is isolated from the marine sponge Agelas nakamurai. It exhibits in vitro and in vivo antiangiogenic activity with selective inhibition of kinases including dual specificity tyrosinephosphorylation-regulated kinase (DYRK)1A and DYRK2. Recently it was shown to be a unique cell permeable, non-toxic, pH-dependent fluorescent dye excellent for live imaging. 

Released - January 2014
  Ageladine A Product Flyer

JaICA - Unique Oxidative Stress Markers - Update 2014

The Japan Institute for the Control of Aging (JaICA) develops and manufactures research reagents to detect oxidative stress markers for DNA oxidation, Lipid oxidation, Protein oxidation and antioxidants. The monoclonal antibodies and ELISA kits detect products of oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen species. The JaICA products are well known in the research community and cited in many scientific publications.

For an overview on JaICA's "Oxidative Markers" please search this website.

Released - February 2014
  JaICA Product Flyer

Betatrophin - Controlling β Cell Replication - Updated Flyer

Betatrophin (RIFL; Lipasin; Angiopoietin-like protein 8 (ANGPTL8)) is a newly discovered secreted protein of 198 aa that was proposed to promote β cell proliferation and improve glucose tolerance in mice. Betatrophin may also function in inhibition of lipase activity and on serum triglyceride regulation. Betatrophin is expressed in the liver and in white and brown adipose tissue of mice. In humans, betatrophin is found to be predominantly expressed in the liver. Betatrophin levels are reduced by fasting and are elevated upon insulin resistance and during pregnancy. Betatrophin, according to preliminary data could bind to the macrophage receptor Marco and also to RTN4R, a neuronal receptor. Recently, a study using ANGPTL8 KO mice showed that ANGPTL8/Betatrophin does not play a role in β cell proliferation nor in glycemic control as previously thought, but regulates plasma triglyceride levels.

Released - January 2014
  Betatrophin Update Flyer 2014

NAD+ Metabolome Supplement Flyer – From De Novo to Salvage Pathway

Tryptophan (Trp) is an essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the organism and therefore must be part of our diet. It acts as building block in protein biosynthesis and is the only precursor for the endogenous de novo biosynthesis of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). The first, rate-limiting step in the biosynthesis of NAD+ is the conversion of tryptophan to N-formylkynurenine, catalyzed by two enzymes, either indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) or tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase (TDO), both requiring molecular oxygen.
For an overview on AdipoGen Life Sciences entire panel of NAD Metabolome reagents please search this website. 

Released - July 2013

Only PDF version available
  NAD Metabolome Supplement Flyer

NAD+ Metabolome – Linking Energy Metabolism and Cancer

Many and various NAD+-dependent signaling pathways regulate fundamental processes such as transcription, DNA repair, cell cycle progression, apoptosis, proliferation, survival and metabolism, which are linked to cancer development. Targeting the NAD+ metabolism, its synthesis and signaling pathways (PARPs, SIRTs, MARTs, CD38) are promising concepts for cancer treatment. AdipoGen offers a broad panel of biologically active enzymes, antibodies, ELISA Kits and small molecules modulators for NAD+/Energy Metabolism research.
For an overview on AdipoGen Life Sciences entire panel of NAD Metabolome reagents please search this website.

Released - April 2013

  NAD Metabolome Flyer

Ancell Corporation - Monoclonal Antibodies Overview

Ancell's extensive panel of human CD antibodies is produced by its experienced in-house development team. The products are purified and conjugated under optimized conditions and rigorously tested in cell lines and human samples. Most of the antibodies are variously labeled to perform in multiple applications, including flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence. Several antibodies have functional applications (which may be used for activation, neutralization or blocking studies).

For an overview on the entire Ancell product portfolio please search this website.

Released - April 2012
  Cytoskeleton Flyer 2012

Cytoskeleton - Focus Microtubules

Microtubules are the largest cytoskeletal components involved in intracellular transport (cell signaling), cell migration/trafficking, cell division and proliferation. Understanding of the cell structure and function is essential for gaining deeper knowledge of normal pathways such as morphogenesis, wound healing, neurogenesis and immune response, as well as abnormal processes such as metastasis and tumor-related angiogenesis.

For an overview on AdipoGen Life Sciences entire panel of  microtubule-related reagents please search this website.

Released - March 2012
  Cytoskeleton Flyer 2012

Kdo2-Lipid A - TLR4 Agonist

Kdo2-Lipid A is a defined substructure of the Re mutant of lipopolysaccharide (LPS). It is a strong activator (<10ng/ml) of macrophages that signals via the toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4).

Released - August 2010

Only PDF version available

  Kdo2-Lipid A Flyer