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 Jan 15  Advanced Tools for B Cell Research from AdipoGen
 Nov 14  Neuroscience Research Tools from AdipoGen
 Oct 14  Chemodex - Fluorescent Dyes, Labels, Stains & Probes 
 Sep14  SYNkinase - Small Molecule Kinase Inhibitors & Libraries
 Aug 14  Potent and Unique Recombinant Proteins for In Vitro & In Vivo Studies - Multimeric Ligands - Chimeric Proteins
 Jul 14  Unique Oxidative Stress Marker Antibodies from JaICA | ROS Reagents from AbFrontier
 Jun 14  Potent Functional Mouse-specific Antibodies for in vivo Studies & Latest Small Molecules Additions
 May 14  Autophagy & NKT Cells Modulators - Natural Products Isolated from Sponges
 Apr 14  New Cancer, Inflammation and Skin Research Reagents from AdipoGen
 Mar 14  Chemodex - The Expert for Fluorescent Probes, Markers, Stains & Dyes
 Feb 14  Smo Modulators - Obesity Research - H2S Detection - Alzheimer's Agents - CDKs, CK1s and DYRK inhibitors
 Jan 14 Special  Spring Biosciences - The Leader in IHC-competent Rabbit MAbs
 Jan 14  New Obesity Research Tools and Latest Product Introductions
 Nov/Dec 13  TNF Superfamily Multimeric Proteins - Higher Activity - Lower Endotoxin
 Oct 13 Special  AdipoGen at Neuroscience 2013 - Small Molecules from AdipoGen, BioViotica, Chemodex and ManRos
 Oct 13  New Products - Betatrophin | Cochlin (LCCL Domain) | Ang-2 Blocking Antibody | Standard Small Molecules
 Sep 13  New Interleukins - IL-1 Family & other Interleukin Newcomers
 Sep 13 Special  Long-lasting & non-toxic cytokine fusion proteins from Chimerigen
 Aug 13  Innate Immunity - Inflammasomes and TLR Reagents
 Jun 13  New Periostin ELISA Kits | Blocking Recombinant Angiopoietin-2 Antibodies | Highly Active MegaFasL...
 May 13  NAD Metabolome | Full Panel of biological active NAD Kinase, NMNAT, NAMPT, PARPs and Sirtuins
 May 13 Special  New Small Molecules, Rare Antibiotics and Natural Products for Research
 Apr 13  New Irisin ELISA Kit | anti-Fas (APO-1-3) | CTLA4, PD-1, FLT3Ligand, BAFF for in vivo studies
 Mar 13  Immune Checkpoints Receptor and Ligand Proteins and Antibodies
 Feb 13  TLRpure™ LPS, ODNs, IAXO compounds and other TLR agonists - highly active and specific
 Jan 13  New Periostin Detection Sets, PEDF, IL-36 proteins, Caspase4/11 antibodies and Small Molecules
 Dec 12  New anti-caspase-4/11, Standard anti-caspase-8 (C15) & anti-FLIP (NF6), Irisin:Fc & Angiopoietin-2
 Nov 12 Special  Small Molecules for Cancer, Inflammation & Diabetes Research
 Oct 12  New & Highly Active Immunology Tools from AdipoGen: IL-2 Superkine, BAFF 60mer and more ...
 Aug / Sep 12  The Manufacturer of low endotoxin & highly active MegaCD40L and other MegaLigands
 Jul 12  Targeting Immune Checkpoints CTLA4, PD1, CD28, ICOS, LAG-3
 Jun 12  New IL-36 and IL-36R Proteins - Specific Caspase-1 (mouse) Detection Set from AdipoGen
 May 12  Irisin, anti-Caspase-1 (human), Enhanced FasL, Hormaomycin - New Tools from AdipoGen
 Apr 12  New and Innovative Cytoskeleton/Microtubules Antibodies
 Mar 12  New and Innovative Inflammasomes Antibodies
 Feb 12  New Inflammation & Immunology Research Tools
 Jan 12   Now Direct Distribution in USA
 Jan 12 Special  LAG-3 (CD223) - Unique Immunology Research Tools
 Dec 11  New & Innovative Small Molecules
 Nov 11 Special  Untagged Progranulin for In Vivo Research
 Nov 11
 ANGPTLs - Promising Tools for Obesity, Diabetes & Stem Cell Biology
 Oct 11
 New TRAIL-Rs Antibodies for IHC
 Sep 11 Special
 Unique Caspase-1 mAb for Inflammasome Research
 Sep 11
 New Interleukin Research Tools
 Aug 11
 Recombinant mAbs - from a NON-ANIMAL SOURCE
 Jul 11
 FTO ELISA Kits and more - Update Your Obesity Research
 Jun 11
 Key Ligands of the Notch Signaling Pathway
 May 11
 Unique Progranulin ELISA Kits
 Apr 11
 New High Sensitive BAFF ELISA Kit