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Potent & Irreversible 20S Proteasome Inhibitor
Salinosporamide A

Potent Inhibitor of Actin Polymerization
Cytochalasin H

Unique Anaphase Promoting Complex Inhibitor

Potent mouse Angiopoietin-2 Blocking Antibody
Angiopoietin-2, mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Angy-2-1)

Sterile TLR4 Agonist Array
MPLA | Kdo2 | Lipid A | LPS

PI3K Class I, MKK3/6 & MKK4 Inhibitor

Mitochondrial Respiration Inhibitor

NLRC3 - Negative Regulator of Innate Immunity
NLRC3 (mouse), mAb (Eowyn-1)

ZAG – An Adipokine Involved in Obesity
Zinc-α-2-glycoprotein (human) (rec.)
Zinc-α-2-glycoprotein (human), mAb (Zagy-1)
Zinc-α-2-glycoprotein (human), mAb (Zagy-2)

New Products

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